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PARQOR connects the dots to help you unlock your competitive edge.

About Andrew

Andrew A. Rosen is a former Viacom executive who worked and consulted closely with senior executives across MTV Networks and BET Networks divisions between 2005 and 2016.

His experience as an executive falls broadly in the buckets of digital media strategy and operations. His responsibilities as an executive, consultant, and entrepreneur have consisted of a deep, varied mix of finance, corporate strategy, ad operations, consumer research, and digital marketing, all involving higher complexity.

He is an independent, sometimes contrarian, writer who leverages a blend of factual evidence and analysis to deliver tangible, actionable business insights for his readers.

You can read more about Andrew’s experience here:

He is available for consulting projects, and speaking engagements. You can contact him to learn more.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is PARQOR?

PARQOR mailings provide proprietary, sophisticated, and easy-to-follow frameworks for executives and investors to better understand business strategies and tactics in OTT streaming. 

PARQOR’s frameworks can be built into business models, operational blueprints, and strategies for success.

Andrew, the author,  delivers an executive’s strategic perspective on the OTT streaming marketplace, and applies his unique perspectives and frameworks to other marketplaces to unlock broader market trends and insights.

The original PARQOR newsletter was launched in February 2016, and has been regularly opened and engaged with by C-suite and senior executives at YouTube, Amazon, WPP, Viacom, CBS, Vox, Burda Media, Hulu, and Twitter, among others.

What makes PARQOR unique?

PARQOR media analyses on streaming  offer an executive’s perspective on the marketplace, and which  are built around four thematic frameworks:

  1. IAC MGM Investment Hypothesis
  2. Value Proposition Design
  3. Fiduciary vs Visionary
  4. Curse of the Mogul

There is also a free weekly newsletter on Monday mornings which summarize the must-read articles for your Monday morning meetings and the week ahead.

I’m an investor, how are you helping me?

PARQOR frameworks offer different lenses on the marketplace to highlight what you may or may not be seeing. On top of that, these frameworks focus on executive decision-making, understanding whether the strategies are feasible, are actually tactics, or are destined to fail.

Also, Andrew has built a strong network of C-suite and senior executives in the streaming marketplace, finance leaders in the space, and the smartest journalists in the space, which enable him to deliver unusually valuable and informed perspectives.

I’m a C-suite or senior executive, what am I paying for?

You are paying for strategic analysis and frameworks, and market trends identification and analysis.

Also, over the past 15 years Andrew has developed an unusual skill set which has been valuable to the executives with whom he has worked. Andrew can explain and unpack the business cases of both:

  • streaming technology to creative executives; and,
  • streaming creative to technology executives

For a good example of both skillsets in action, listen to Andrew’s podcast interview with Snap’s then-Head of Branded Content Rita Drucker alongside the guys from RevThink in June 2019:

Can you explain the subscription model? What am I paying for?

PARQOR’s services are fully sustained by memberships.

There are two paid memberships – Membership at $49/month and Elite at $169/month.

Each week, Andrew is synthesizing information and data from hundreds of articles, and thousands of sources across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He is boiling this information down into frameworks and analyses to help readers understand important developments from across the streaming marketplace.

He has a background in law (J.D., NYU ‘03), so he can understand and explain how some combination of markets, law, ethics, and/or technical infrastructure (or, architecture) may constrain the strategy of a streaming business, or “regulate” a streaming service. He also has a background in History (B.A., Yale ’98 with Distinction), so he is skilled in understanding and explaining the cyclicality of markets and broader, macro trends.

The result is robust, original, thoughtful, and sophisticated analyses that are valuable to executives and investors.

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