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PARQOR marries macro industry trends to strategic, operational and financial business planning success.

About Andrew
Andrew A. Rosen is a former Viacom executive who worked and consulted closely with senior executives across MTV Networks and BET Networks divisions between 2005 and 2016.

His experience as an executive falls broadly in the buckets of digital media strategy and operations. His responsibilities as an executive, consultant, and entrepreneur have consisted of a deep, varied mix of finance, corporate strategy, ad operations, consumer research, and digital marketing, all involving higher complexity.

He is an independent, sometimes contrarian, writer who leverages a blend of factual evidence and analysis to deliver tangible, actionable business insights for his readers.

You can read more about Andrew’s experience here:

He is available for consulting projects, and speaking engagements. You can contact him to learn more.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What do I get with my PARQOR subscription?

PARQOR provides market analyses and frameworks for executives and investors that marry macro industry trends to strategic, operational, and financial business planning success.

PARQOR’s analyses dive deeper into recent, important marketplace development(s) in the OTT streaming marketplace, and are easy-to-read, follow and understand. They are written for C-suite executives and investors, and are distributed via weekly mailings exclusive to members.

PARQOR’s frameworks can be built into business models, operational blueprints, and strategies for success.

The original PARQOR newsletter was launched in February 2016, and has been regularly opened and engaged with by C-suite and senior executives at YouTube, Amazon, WPP, Viacom, CBS, Vox, Burda Media, Hulu, and Twitter, among others.

I’m an investor, how are you helping me?

There are inevitably disconnects between the objectives and execution of a streaming service: rarely will executives reveal the weaknesses in their business plans, or that they will be unable to accomplish their goals.

What are those weaknesses and disconnects? How does an investor go about identifying them? And, how does an investor think through those disconnects to get to an insight that is tangible and actionable?

Andrew delivers an executive’s perspective on these disconnects, focusing on identifying and understanding the financial, strategic, and operational motivations of senior executives across the streaming marketplace.

Also, Andrew has built a strong network of C-suite and senior executives in the streaming marketplace, finance leaders in the space, and the smartest journalists in the space, which enable him to deliver unusually valuable and informed perspectives.

I’m a C-suite or senior executive, what am I paying for?

C-suite and senior executives often are aware and informed that their competition has weaknesses, or that the competition are unlikely to accomplish their goals. But, they do not always possess the frameworks and analysis to understand why these weaknesses exist, or why the competition is falling short.

Andrew connects the dots between available evidence and how streaming business models work to answer these questions for executive readers.

Also, over the past 15 years Andrew has developed an unusual skill set which has been valuable to the executives with whom he has worked. Andrew can explain and unpack the business cases of both:

  • streaming technology to creative executives; and,
  • streaming creative to technology executives

Andrew also weaves in data and data analysis into these business cases.

For a good example of both skillsets in action, listen to Andrew’s podcast interview with Snap’s then-Head of Branded Content Rita Drucker alongside the guys from RevThink in June 2019:

Can you explain the subscription model? What am I paying for?

PARQOR’s services are fully sustained by memberships. PARQOR.com has a free blog, a weekly free newsletter, and Andrew is active, widely read, and engaged with on Twitter (@aagave). If you enjoy this content, which is accessible to everyone, you especially will appreciate the additional value unlocked when becoming a member.

There are two paid memberships – $49/month and $169/month.

The latter plan includes monthly consulting calls with Andrew, and exclusive access to off-the-record, Chatham House Rule meetings with C-Suite and Senior Executives across the streaming marketplace.

What makes PARQOR unique and uniquely valuable in the marketplace?

Each week, Andrew is synthesizing information and data from hundreds of articles, and thousands of sources across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He is boiling this information down into frameworks and analyses to help readers understand important developments from across the streaming marketplace.

He has a background in law (J.D., NYU ‘03), so he can understand and explain how some combination of markets, law, ethics, and/or technical infrastructure (or, architecture) may constrain the strategy of a streaming business, or “regulate” a streaming service. He also has a background in History (B.A., Yale ’98 with Distinction), so he is skilled in understanding and explaining the cyclicality of markets and broader, macro trends.

The result is robust, original, thoughtful, and sophisticated analyses that are valuable to executives and investors.

Can I try it for free?

In these four examples, you can see this approach in action:

  • The sports broadcast market after COVID-19: An effectively zero audiences, zero revenues, post-cord-cutting, and digital consumption-mostly world (Link)
  • COVID-19 creates messy marketplace dynamics for SVODs: Those dynamics raise questions about legacy media SVODs being able to weather the storm (Link)
  • Judge Judy & The Curse of the Mogul: Why her big announcement last week is evidence of the theory, & why it is not (Link)
  • A wave of merger rumors in AVOD raises a big question: Why are legacy media companies making these bets? (Link)

Some of PARQOR’s most engaged, loyal readers to date: