Two takeaways about from a recent investor call I did for Netflix were:

  1. Netflix’s growing emphasis on local language content will lead to unusual growth internationally; but,
  2. It has failed, to date, to build a library of IP that can be monetized outside of Netflix other than Stranger Things

Then, last week, two Netflix stories emerged within each bucket:

  1. A terrific interview with Francisco Ramos, VP of Spanish-Language Originals for Netflix in Latin America where he says “Language is no longer a barrier. Only ambition and quality are barriers”; and,
  2. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ was cancelled after inside sources described it as an “expensive disappointment”.

In two stories within one week, there were market signals that confirmed both the strength of its growth strategy driven by international, local language content, and the weaknesses resulting from its continued failure to build out a library of valuable franchise IP.

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