PARQOR is the guide every media and technology executive needs to navigate media’s evolution from wholesale to retail business models.


What is

Revealing the potential in everyday markets, questioning established ideas and common wisdom, and reassessing the moving pieces of marketplaces.


How to pronounce: “Paar – kor”

PARQOR serves C-suite and senior executives and investors with unique analysis about media’s evolution from wholesale to retail models.


We Are

The first third-party publisher on The Information Newsletter Network

Monthly opinion column for The Information distributed to over 45,000 subscribers internationally
Over 17 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in digital media, beginning in Strategy & Operations at MTV Networks Digital Media Group in 2005
Concentration on digital video marketplace for executives since 2015, and deeper analysis of streaming since 2019


Clear market signals are difficult to detect

Journalists focus on gathering information
Research & financial analysts are laser- focused on hypotheses and/or key metrics;
Executives often lose sight of the bigger picture; and,
Management consultants are not always battle-tested

About Us

Andrew Rosen is the Founder of PARQOR LLC. He is the author of Medium Shift, a monthly column on The Information tracking the transformations underway in the media business. Author of The Medium, a newsletter offering deep insight and analysis of the media marketplace as the business models for “premium content” are redefined by creators, tech companies and 10 million emerging advertisers. A former Viacom digital media executive (MTVN, BET) who has researched and written about the streaming marketplace for C-Suite executives and investors since 2015.

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