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December 2019

  • #184 – SVOD (December 2, 2019) Churn: *The* key metric to keep an eye on in streaming | Download
  • #184 – AVOD (December 6, 2019) Ad Inventory: Does AVOD ad inventory require SVOD churn to grow? | Download
  • #185 – SVOD (December 9, 2019) Churn v. Pause: Netflix will not reveal its churn metrics, but its strategy for managing churn is clear  | Download
  • #185 – AVOD (December 12, 2019): A weird week in AVOD: A few plot twists in the accepted story of TV decline | Download
  • End of 2019 Thoughts: What comes next for streaming marketplace? (December 16, 2019) | Download

January 2020

  • Macro Predictions for 2020 (January 6, 2020) A DTC conversion funnel lens helps us understand streaming services are approaching converting new subscribers and retaining old ones. Value Proposition Design tells us whether these streaming services understand their target audiences (and even if they do, whether it can scale that value proposition). | Download
  • Predictions for 2020: the larger players (January 8, 2020) This newsletter offers DTC and Value proposition design lenses for 2020 on the larger players in streaming:
    (1) Netflix
    (2) Apple TV+
    (3) Disney+
    (4) Amazon Prime Video
    (5) Hulu
    (6) HBO Max | Download
  • Predictions for 2020: The smaller players (January 10, 2020) This newsletter offers DTC and Value Proposition Design lenses for 2020 on the smaller players in streaming:
    (1) Discovery
    (2) CBS All-Access & Showtime
    (3) Starz
    (4) ESPN+
    (5) DAZN | Download
  • #186 (January 13, 2020) A collection of short essays on the following topics:
    * FX on Hulu debuts with a market-changing strategy
    * Is streaming a good business to be in?
    * NBC’s Peacock is launching on Thursday: What we know about the business, so far
    * Quibi: It debuted at CES, and it is worth diving into (…briefly) | Download
  • #187 (January 16, 2020) A series of short essays on the following topics:
    1. A Dove-sponsored short film “Hair Love” gets an Oscar- nomination
    2. The problem with writing about “AVOD”: And, what I plan to do about it
    3. Why P&G’s Marc Pritchard hearts Quibi
    4. Why the Roku vs. Amazon battle is shaping up to be significant
    5. NBCU One Platform is significant: Perhaps moreso after today’s Peacock announcement | Download
  • #188 (January 20, 2020) NBCU’s Peacock is targeting too many customers to succeed | Download
  • #189 (January 24, 2020) What Netflix’s pivot on metrics & Thomas Piketty have in common. And yes, bear with me on this… | Download
  • #190 (January 28, 2020) A week of warning flares from streaming services not named Apple TV+ or Netflix | Download
  • #191 (January 31, 2020) Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Streaming: An ad campaign highlights how far AI has evolved for advertising | Download

February 2020

  • #192 (February 3, 2020) Snap just made a major move you probably missed: A $60M investment in customized avatars impressively evolves into customized animation | Download
  •  #193 (February 7, 2020) Disney+ blows past expectations, leaving questions in its wake: Four takeaways worth highlighting | Download
  • #194 (February 10, 2020) Amazon quietly has its thumb on the OTT marketplace: With Apple, Hulu, and Roku pulling their collective weight | Download
  • #195 (February 14, 2020) Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is worth your time: It highlights a big opportunity for Apple’s services business, and exposes a big weakness | Download
  • #196 (February 18, 2020) Why NBCU’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is everywhere online: NBCU bets on a questionable strategy to convert audiences via sampling and social buzz | Download
  • #197 (February 25, 2020) A wave of merger rumors in AVOD raises a big question: Why are legacy media companies making these bets | Download
  • #198 (February 28, 2020) Surprising executive changes at Disney reveal surprising weaknesses: One big pain point: a need to upgrade a legendary creative pipeline for streaming | Download

March 2020

  • #199 (March 2, 2020) Iger vs. Zaslav, Round Two: Comparing and contrasting two very different bets on the value of “library” in streaming | Download
  • #200 (March 6, 2020) Judge Judy & The Curse of the Mogul: Why her big announcement last week is evidence of the theory, & why it is not | Download
  • #201 (March 10, 2020) A future for Sinclair’s Regional Sports Networks (RSNs): Considered and analyzed with the help of Yankee Commentator Michael Kay | Download
  • #202 (March 13, 2020) Reasons to be bearish about the SVOD marketplace emerge with Coronavirus: And, why being bullish on Twitch’s “bundle” of services may mean being bearish on SVOD | Download
  • #203 (March 18, 2020) Coronavirus is changing the competition for SVODs: It is also changing SVODs’ relationships with target customers | Download
  • #204 (March 23, 2020) COVID-19 creates messy marketplace dynamics for SVODs: Those dynamics raise questions about legacy media SVODs being able to weather the storm | Download
  • #205 (March 27, 2020) The sports broadcast market after COVID-19: An effectively zero audiences, zero revenues, post-cord-cutting, and digital consumption- mostly world | Download
  • #206 (March 31, 2020) How should a studio executive pivot to DTC? I respond to a good, tough reader question | Download

April 2020

  • Jason Kilar gets the streaming marketplace, but does AT&T? Looking past the optics of a good hire #207 (April 6, 2020) | Download
  • #208 (April 14, 2020) Headwinds for legacy media bets on AVOD: Thinking about the AVOD marketplace during and after COVID | Download
  • #209 (April 21, 2020) Every SVOD benefits from quarantined audiences, but especially Netflix: Highlighting Netflix’s advantages in worlds with, and without, a pandemic | Download
  • #210 (April 28, 2020) 63MM is the ceiling for U.S. SVOD market penetration… that is, if we believe Netflix | Download

May 2020

  • #211 (May 05, 2020) Rethinking how churn is defined in SVOD: A split between DTC-model growth & churn story, and the MVPD -model growth & churn story | Download
  • #212 (May 12, 2020) The future of streaming after three weeks of earnings calls: Cautious for SVOD, mixed for AVOD, & a puzzling for sports and MVPDs/vMVPDs | Download
  • #213 (May 19, 2020) A PARQOR lens on Kevin Mayer’s exit from Disney+: Key themes from these mailings play out in a surprising move | Download
  • #214 (May 26, 2020) A PARQOR lens on Kevin Mayer’s exit from Disney+: Key themes from these mailings play out in a surprising move | Download

June 2020

  • #215 (June 2, 2020) Surprisingly, both HBO Max & Apple TV+ suffer The Curse of the Mogul: But first, a quick note on the events of the past week | Download
  • #216 (June 9, 2020) Thinking through Roku’s negotiation with HBO Max: As a David relative to AT&T’s Goliath, it is sure punching above its weight. But is it really? | Download
  • #217 (June 16, 2020) Starz, Amazon Channels, and The Future of Bundling: There is inevitably a shift towards SVOD bundling coming, but what will be the catalyst? | Download
  • #218 Part One (June 23, 2020)More Streaming Services Show Symptoms of The Curse of The Mogul: After Apple and AT&T, we can now add Discovery, Disney, Comcast, ViacomCBS, Quibi, and yes, even Spotify to the list | Download
  • #218 Part Two (June 25, 2020) More Streaming Services Show Symptoms of The Curse of The Mogul, Part Two: ViacomCBS, Quibi, and surprisingly, Spotify | Download


  • #219 (July 1, 2020) Sports Streaming’s Seismic Marketplace Shifts: But First, A Reader Response to Last Week’s Mailings | Download
  • #220 (July 1, 2020) Lionsgate’s Mad Men, Amazon, WarnerMedia, and Content Licensing: Thinking Through The New Market Dynamics Around Content Licensing in Streaming | Download

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