The Curse of the Mogul

This framework highlights instances where media company CEOs may be rewarding content creators at the expense of shareholder value.

Fiduciary vs Visionary Framework

The Fiduciary vs. Visionary framework highlights both the incentives and constraints around executive decisions. Visionaries are more agile decision-makers than Fiduciaries, who may be constrained by corporate strategy, operations, or finances.

Product Channel Fit Framework

This framework focuses on the optimal channels where streaming services can reach their target audiences.

The PARQOR Hypothesis

This framework focuses on a specific set of conditions (BEADS Acronym) to identify media businesses most likely to succeed in streaming in the 21st century.

Co-opetition Framework

This framework focuses on helping to understand when platforms are incentivized to cooperate with competitive streaming services, and when they are incentivized to compete.
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