PARQOR is the handbook every media and technology executive needs to navigate the seismic shifts underway in the media business.

The PARQOR Five Frameworks


Must-read Monday AM Briefings, Member Mailings (Wednesday), and Mic Drops (Friday) about the Streaming Marketplace

About Us

PARQOR is the first third-party published on The Information Newsletter Network.

Andrew delivers unique analysis about the ”streaming wars”. He focuses on the driving assumptions, the internal analysis, the goals for driving enterprise value, and the risk/ reward calculation. PARQOR started in February 2016 as a free weekly newsletter about the digital video marketplace.

He is a former Viacom executive who worked closely with senior and c-suite executives across MTV Networks and BET Networks divisions between 2005 and 2016. Andrew has been writing about digital video and streaming video since 2015.

He is an independent, sometimes contrarian, writer who applies a blend of factual evidence and analysis to deliver tangible, actionable business insights for his readers.