PARQOR is the handbook every media and technology executive needs to navigate the seismic shifts underway in the media business. Through in-depth analysis from a network of senior media and tech leaders, Andrew Rosen filters the signals from the noise, highlights what they mean and suggests where you should go next.

PARQOR’s Brand

PARQOR’s brand draws inspiration from “parkour”, the sport which “involves seeing one’s environment in a new way, and envisioning the potential for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under its features”. 

This quote from a paper about the “Parkour eyes” of practitioners of parkour – called “Traceurs” – helps to explain PARQOR’s tagline, “Revealing Insights”: 

Traceurs speak of ‘parkour eyes’, a specific way of looking; gradually, places which have not previously been seen as attractive or appealing start to reveal interesting details and opportunities for inventive practice.

PARQOR’s analysis focuses on the “interesting details and opportunities” across headlines, research reports, and quarterly and annual filings. Generally, the goal is to help the reader see the dynamics of the streaming and broader media marketplaces in ways they may not otherwise be seeing.

About Andrew A. Rosen, Founder & Principal

Andrew A. Rosen writes about the streaming marketplace for C-Suite and Senior executives and investors. Andrew is a former media executive who is also a published author. He founded PARQOR in 2015.

He has a background in law (J.D., NYU ‘03). So, he is skilled in explaining the strategy of a streaming business constrained or “regulated by markets, law, ethics, and/or technical infrastructure (or, architecture) . Also, Andrew has a background in History (B.A., Yale ’98 with Distinction). He is skilled in analyzing the cyclicality of markets and broader, macro trends.

He worked at MTV Networks between 2005 and 2008, and consulted for three consecutive heads of BET Digital between 2008 and 2016. Additionally, Andrew is a member of the New York State Bar, and was a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations from 2006 to 2012.

You can read more about Andrew’s experience here.

Andrew is available for consulting projects, and speaking engagements. You can contact him to learn more.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What makes PARQOR unique?

Parqor delivers deep insight and analysis for executives in the media business, with a focus on streaming, gaming and advertising.

PARQOR’s Five Frameworks emerged over a series of PARQOR mailings. Overall, the frameworks focus on identifying the incentives behind corporate and executive decision-making.

PARQOR is the first third-party publisher on The Information’s new newsletter network. Andrew writes Medium Shift, a monthly column for The Information’s opinion section.

I’m an investor, how are you helping me?

The Five Frameworks focus on what you may or may not be seeing in a media business strategy. Also, they will help you to better understand whether the strategies are clear-sighted, are actually tactics, or are destined to fail.

Andrew has a strong network of C-suite and senior executives in media, finance, and journalism. As a result, his network offers him widely diverse perspectives at the most senior levels. These help him to deliver unique and informed perspectives.

I’m a C-suite or senior executive, how are you helping me?

At Viacom, Andrew worked closely with C-suite and senior executives. He learned how the disconnects between strategy and execution can be explained by disconnects between management’s incentives and execution.

PARQOR designed the Five Frameworks to help management to identify these disconnects in their strategies and also in competitors’ strategies.

Can you explain the subscription model? What am I paying for?

You are paying to receive three mailings per week.

In Monday AM Briefings (Mondays), Members receive a short essay (around 1,000 words). Additionally, this mailing includes the stories and trends in streaming you need to know for the morning and the week ahead. In Monday briefings, paid and free tier subscribers have access to these stories and trends.

In Member Mailings (Wednesdays), Andrew offers longer form analyses of recent marketplace developments or key events (around 2,000 words). These analyses are robust, highly researched, and in-depth. Also, they use a mix of financial, strategic, operational, and creative lenses.

In Friday Mailings (Fridays), Andrew writes a short essay (around 1,000 words) on a major headline or story.

PARQOR’s services are fully sustained by memberships.

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